Academic Support Services & Tutoring

Academic refers to a wide variety of instructional methods, educational services, or school resources provided to students to help them be successful in their learning process. Offering an array of educational strategies including tutoring sessions in classroom and 1:1 support, implementation of supplemental courses, summer learning experiences, lunch/after school programs, as well as alternative ways for group academic advising within the GEAR UP classroom.

SAT Support & Boot Camps

Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to participate in SAT Boot Camps along with SAT Prep class support leading up to the big test! Engaging, expert instructors help students become prepared and confident with time-management and test-taking strategies. Students will learn key content for success and pacing and effective guessing strategies for every type of question. A workbook will be provided for each student with exercises to complete during the event and with additional practice leading up to test day.

National GEAR UP Week

National GEAR UP Week is an opportunity for GEAR UP programs nation-wide to share the large positive impact GEAR UP has locally. It's a time to engage all stakeholders -local, state and federal elected officials; funders; partners; and media - to display GEARUP accomplishments and to encourage involvement in services to students and families. GEAR UP East Hartford celebrates National GEAR UP Week with events that help build the East Hartford GEAR UP community and help students progress towards their life-long dream of going to college!

After-School Programming & Mentoring

In partnership with East Hartford Public Schools, GEAR UP East Hartford has prioritized SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) programming to help students learn further to cope and deal with their stress and worries. While creating safe in-person and virtual learning environments for the students, staff present a variety of lessons on self-awareness, relationship skills, and growth mindset, to name a few, while building a supportive space to encourage discussion and an opportunity to practice these evolving skills. Academic support including homework assistance, time management tools and activities. Mentoring with Diligence Training for the Gear Up Young Male Mentoring Program(YMMP) is scheduled weekly during the after-school sessions along with a variety of after-school activity options to all GEAR UP students. Check out our events calendar for more information about GEAR UP after-school programming at your school!

Summer Programming

East Hartford GEAR UP summer programming is designed to help students improve their academic foundations, introduce them to various opportunities available to ignite their interest, while exploring potential career paths, learning about college while assisting in building techniques and proficiency for future success. Summer programs are hosted at East Hartford High, CIBA and CT State Manchester, allowing students an experience that enables them to be better prepared to interact with faculty members and fellow students as they enter their post-secondary education.

College & Career Exposure

GU is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to explore college and career options while providing exposure to postsecondary requirements. These are essential components of the GEAR UP Connecticut program. Early and consistent exposure to these topics will increase student awareness, enhance motivation to perform well academically, allowing students to determine which college or career is ideal for college and career readiness advising. GEAR UP students will be able to participate in a variety of college visits and job shadows throughout Connecticut during the school year.

College Application & Enrollment

College Application and Enrollment refers to the knowledge and skills that enable students to successfully transition into post-secondary education. Students and families will learn the options they have to help fund their education, how to determine a suitable college, financial aid requirements, including how to complete a FAFSA, admission criteria and application processes. Students and families will have the expertise needed to make informed decisions after graduation from high school.

Family Engagement

Families play a fundamental role in their children's education and achievement of their educational objectives. GEAR UP offers a variety of family workshops and college & career events open to all families in the program. Whether you're looking for strategies to save for your child's education or methods to encourage them as they prepare to leave home for college, GEAR UP East Hartford is here to help.